Writers View Auckland New Zealand

עודכן ב: 29 דצמ 2020

New Zealand is a boater’s paradise. In 2021, they will sponsor the American Cup, sailing race, thanks to their win last time.

The entire city was going through a facelift when we visited in February in preparations for the following summer.

Construction was everywhere. You could not escape unless you left the city, even so, I have never seen such a clean city.

We were waiting at a traffic light when a piece of paper blew across the sidewalk. A gentleman reached down, picked it up, crumpled it, and continued walking to the corner trash reciprocal and deposited it. Tell me if you have ever seen that before in an American city?

The harbor actively is always a favorite for my camera lens. You can charter the racing boat, “explore,” if you wish is to prepare for the upcoming American Cup.

If sailing is not your thing, kick back on a beach chair and read my book, “My Friend Amelia,” that takes place in New Zealand.

D.M. Sorlie

"Books are written to be shared"


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