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Clovelly is a backdrop for my Sue Lee mystery storytelling where you meet Clara Pendleton, Alex’s family friend, a stout English woman wise with years of wisdom. She knits, play’s bridge runs a tiny library, and solves mysteries.

It amazes me how a character development happens on its own. A sly word, a knowing look, and before the writer knows it, you’re hooked. You need that character to complete your book.

Clara is introduced in my book, "Counter Deception," Clara is telling a delightful Christmas story about Clovelly's Home Guard.

Traveling in England is not complete without a visit to North Devon and Clovelly’s quaint fishing village. However, you park above, and the cobblestone streets are steep.

We have traveled across the U.K., at times on our own without reservation, and pick our accommodations using a simple, quaint, cozy, and food method.

D.M. Sorlie

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