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You can climb the hill of the Acropolis in Athens to see the Parthenon or go to Delphi to ask the Oracle to tell your future. Most likely, you will be told to go to the Greek Islands to seek happiness, but don’t forget your camera. We have done all the above in Greece. However, I have yet to write a mystery book about this beautiful country, but I will. I do have a few travel tips. In Greece, an afternoon siesta time is a given. Shops, restaurants, banks, offices, cab drivers, all fall asleep somewhere between 3-5. This is considered a quiet time. It’s a law, so, shh! However, if you’re shopping in the Plaka, a tourist area of Athens, it depends on the shops, some will close others will have less activity. If you embark on an island during that time, the islanders depend on the cruise ships and ferries to sell their wares. Life slower on the islands, You are embarking to photographic heaven, and if you miss your cat, don’t fret, the islands are full of them.


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