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In my book, “Lost Buddha,” you get to meet Sylvester, an Italian Jewel thief. When not in his villa, located on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, he is cruising in his little boat “La Vie”. A small ship actually, when asked by Alex if it was used in his business, his answer was. “Why yes, dear boy, everyone in the upper crust loves shiny toys, and soon invitations come your way. That, and graduating from Oxford helped” I created the character, Sylvester, during lunch in the Bellagio village. We rented a villa on Lake Como on the western shore close to Laglio, Italy. One way to commute is by Ferry, it is also a way to tour the Lake, just stay on the Ferry, pay attention to the schedules, so you can get home again. Plus, you can jump off in small quaint villages like Bellagio for your lunch.

D.M. Sorlie "A good book has no ending"


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