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עודכן ב: 29 דצמ 2020

Lunch while traveling can be a time to relax with quiet conversation while enjoying the fabulous views rotating in the Sky Tower restaurant high above the city of Auckland, New Zealand. However, tranquil moments can turn on you, especially when someone is dropping from the Sky Tower’s 53 floors in 11 seconds. My iPhone is a wonder, aim, and shoot. I’m sure there was a lot of screaming outside. We assumed it was a young lady. I know I would have been screaming! My book, “My Fried Amelia,” takes place in Auckland, while searching for flying Dr. Jane’s childhood idol, Amelia Earhart. A contract is put out to destroy Sue Lee and Jane, by an archenemy of Sue Lees, who… well. You have to read the book for the conclusion. A tip: Don’t put your purse next to the window in the Sky Tower. When you notice it missing, it may have rotated to the other side of the dining room.

D.M. Sorlie

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