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Bookstores are unique. No matter what part of the world you visit, you are at home.

Shakespeare and Company in Pairs on the Left Bank are one of those homey book stores. The store was first opened by an American in 1919 by Sylvia Beach, a gathering place for aspiring writers, such as Ernest Hemingway. It closed during the German occupation of Paris in1941. The second bookstore opened in 1951 by, another America, George Whitman, who named it “Le Mistral. But in 64, he changed the name to “Shakespeare and Company” as a tribute to Sylvia Beach, also at the time it was William Shakespeare’s birthday, four hundred years...

My book, “Concealment,” a mysteries love story that bounces between two world wars, is the start of a search for a lost author in Paris.

D.M. Sorlie

"Books are written to be shared"


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