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In my book, “Deceptions Of War,” a Moth Airplane is on the cover-playing a significant part in my story. To introduce you to Dr. Jane, known in Spain as the “Flying Doctor, who flew to remote areas helping to deliver babies, fix broken arms, and so on with a compassion to help.

Spain was neutral during World War Two. However, the proximity of the country left it open for spies and smugglers. During the occupation of France by the German Army, Spain was a corridor for escaping Jewish families. A group against fascism formed the Spanish underground escorted the escapes through the treacherous Pyrenees mountain range between Spain and France. The Flying Doctor was secretly included in these. Heroic deeds.

Sue Lee and Jane meet in the Pyrenees mountains during an attempted rescue. Below is an insert from their first meeting.

“I say. I do hope you are Sue Lee. I came to rescue you. You see, but I’m in a bit of difficulty, can you fly?” She said, pressing down on her leg. Sue Lee then saw the blood-soaked leg. “I took a bullet in my bum, some Yahoo on the ground with a rifle. I’ve tightened my seat belt to add more pressure to stop the bleeding, but my leg is numbing. I can’t handle the controls. I’m afraid I’ll pass out. I do hope you can fly? I hate to lose my plane to the fascist,” she said with rasping breaths. “Exciting, don’t you agree, you will need to read the book to see what happens next?” This scene in my book “Deceptions of War,” was written while sitting in an outdoor cafe in the Plaça Reial (Plaza Real), in Barcelona. Our Hotel Hotel España was located there and a short cab ride to the Ports if you’re embarking on a Mediterranean Cruise, or flying a Moth.

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