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Food was scarce in Italy during the war due to the needs of Mussolini’s army. However, small out of the way hill towns in Tuscany shared gardens, livestock, and Cheese, especially, Pecorino di Pienza. Pienza is a small village that has been producing Pecorino cheese for centuries.

In my video, the chef in the village of Montefollonico is mixing the pasta into a fresh-cut section of Pecorino cheese, scraping the sides, and blending the cheese into the pasta. Yum!

Insert: “Deceptive Message,” Sue Lee Mystery “Not to worry, son, we will be safe in Tuscany. We found a place in Montefollonico, a small hill town where the children are welcome.” “Will you have enough food,” Tommy asked? “My friend told me she has a garden, like the others in the village, and they all share. It was the only way they could survive under the fascist rule. Unlike the cities with puppet dictators seeking political power. Families band together as partisans and have closed their doors long ago to fascism. Yes, they did have a representative from their village who meets periodically with the regional rulers.” Katherine paused to drink her coffee. “It is a farce. My friend’s husband was chosen by the villagers, not because he was, a fascist, he was the best liar!”

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