Sue Lee Mystery Series, Books, Six, Seven, Eight

Three books covering the post-war timeline: 
Lost Buddha is directly after World War two Sue Lee along with Island Art Inquiries are searching for a seventh-century tapestry intertwined with ruthless Nazi's running from prosecution. 
Concealment continues with the mystery of escaping war criminals who are involved in the murder of a young art dealer but ends with a timeless love story. 
Klondike Journal is a murder mystery taking place in two separate timelines involving two exceptional women ahead of their time. 
Marie Adele, a wayward New York socialite, finds prosperity during the Klondike gold rush after being bestowed with a treasure that brings murder into the present. 
Sue Lee is uncovering the pieces of Klondike Marie's past to find the treasure before the psychotic killer kills again.  

Mysteries Box Set #2

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  • They approached the pool, walking through the shadows of an overhang, winding their way around the empty tables and chairs.  
    Helen explained that later in the day when the sun is lower, people arrive to swim. This time of the day, only a few retired members use the pool. 
    "He must be changing. We can wait here. It's cooler by the water," Helen said sitting down at a table shaded by an umbrella. 
    Sue Lee joined her and was looking over the compound. She could see where repairs had been made on the far end near the diving boards. Apparently, it was not used as much during the occupation. She thought turning away to talk to Hellen, but something caught her eye. She stood—under the lower diving board, the water was cloudy. She walked closer, Hellen said. “What's the matter, what do see?" 
    "Hellen, come quickly, there's someone in the water and looks hurt!" Sue Lee shouted while running to the other side. 
    She jumped into the water—the person was floating face down. She pulled the head up but knew she was too late. Blood was everywhere! Hellen jumped in the water next to her, yelling for help as they moved the man to the pool deck. 
    A pool attendant ran from the kitchen and helped pull him out of the water.  
    "My god, it's Mr. Wu!" Hellen shouted when she saw the face! 

Crime Scene Do Not Enter