Sue Lee Mystery Series Book One

San Francisco, 1941, The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor and a young code breaker, Lieutenant Sue Lee Ono suddenly finds herself in the rapidly progressing timeline of war. 
Her personal world is caught up in prejudice, deception, espionage and murder after finding a cryptic message involving her beloved deceased uncle.
Set against the golden city of San Francisco and the majestic coastline of Northern California during the beginning of World War a powerful story about an extraordinary young woman before her time.

A 'Time Of Deception

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  • Handel hit the floor. The coffee cup flew, but the gun was still in his hand. They sprinted out the door, jumped from the porch. Sue Lee pushed Joni behind the woodpile, and they both fell to the ground.
    She opened her purse and fumbled for her gun as she was trying to get her breath; she aimed it at the doorway but paused. 
    Handel appeared at the door for a second just as a man ran from behind the woodshed on her left, dropping to one knee in a shooting position. 
    “FBI, come out with your hands up!” 
    The bullet hit the agent, spinning him around like a top. He was down. Sue Lee sent two shots into the house as more shots came from the back of the house. She reached out and grabbed the agent’s shirt, and with Joni’s help, they tried to pull him to safety, but he wouldn’t budge. 
    Suddenly, Finn was crouching next to them, reached out with one hand, jerked the man behind the woodpile. 
    “It’s agent Beck, Joni shouted. Damn that old bastard. He shot the kid!” 

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