Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Six

Alex is on an assignment following the trail of war criminals, and is unaware of the anguish his friend Clara is going through. She has requested the help of "Island Art Inquiries." 
Sue Lee and Dr. Jane arrived at her home in Clovelly to learn more about a book from the past. They promised Clara they will find the writer while in Paris on business. However, what they thought would be a simple buying trip finds them at the beginning of a ratline. 
A series of underground routes, helping Nazi to escape prosecution from the war tribunals or was this something more sinister?
Sue Lee and Jane then team up with Sylvester and Yvette and discover the concealment of a timeless love story.


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1.79$מחיר מבצע
  • Spain, Ratline
    "Major, did they teach you that in the army, bribery with chocolates? He's wearing a huge gun on his ample waistline!"
    “No, we’re making a bomb. Here help me unwrap these chocolates, Mmm. They’re good, save the foil wrapping and fold them down like this.” Jane watched, biting into a piece. “Yummy, I hope this isn’t our last supper, she said folding foils quickly, now what?”
    "Okay, I think we have enough. We are going to place the foils into this half-filled  bottle of Ammonia and leave it by the stove, and turn on the burners."
    Jane finished the explanation. "The foil will create a chemical reaction with the acidity and expand the bottle causing it to explode, brilliant! How much time do you think we have. We need to sneak out the way we came in?" 
    "Unknown, so let's make it a fast sneak, ready!" Sue Lee stuffed the folio into the bottle and sealed it as Jane turned on the gas burner. 
    One more look out the window;  Jane grabbed the briefcase and said, “Let’s get the hell out of here!”
    They sprinted out the back door running behind the other buildings!
    The oversized caretaker turned to see what the commotion was all about while he was holding Jesus under the water. The kitchen exploded, and parts of the wall hit him like shrapnel!

Crime Scene Do Not Enter