Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Three

World War Two progresses into the year 1943. 
Sue Lee finds herself trapped in a deadly situation in Cuba, at a strategic airbase. 
Her right hand was covering the wound to staunch the bleeding as she watched for his next move.

Counter Deception

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  • “Wake up, lad, Tommy!” He said, shaking Tommy by the shoulder.     

    “Danny, what’s happening?” He said, sitting up.    

    “Tommy, we have a big problem. We need you in Ward 7—a young wounded Italian soldier has a grenade. He speaks no English and refuses to give up the damned thing.”      

    “What color is it?”       

    “What, what color is it?” Danny looked puzzled.       

    “What color is it?” Tommy asked again, pulling on his pants.       

    “Red! Danny,” told him as they hurried out the door.

    “Blasts! A Red Devil, they are extremely dangerous. Leonard’s wife, Katherine, passed information to the underground about the safety issue and what to watch for when around the Devils. It’s scary! Can we turn the ship back?”

    “Oh no, the captain was told there is submarine activity now in Tunis. Our next port is Algiers before we arrive in Gibraltar, Danny Said running across the deck alongside Tommy. Captain’s orders, we are evacuating the ward. He doesn’t think one grenade will cause that much damage, but it’s slow. The boy is in the back behind a curtain,” Danny whispered as they entered Ward 7. They slowed to a walk, not wanting to frighten the remaining wounded soldiers stacked two high in the hospital beds.   

    “What’s the boy’s attitude, anger, despair?” Tommy whispered back as they walked by nurses, calmly trying to help patients move out of the ward.

    “Och, without understanding him, it’s hard for me to know, but I would say despair, and if so, that’s the worst kind, here we are Tommy, now be careful.” The Ship’s Chaplain stood by the curtain waiting for them. “Father, Tommy is here to help us. He speaks Italian.”

    The Chaplain had recently joined on before they left Gibraltar. Tommy could sense his fear. He, too, was afraid he saw the carnage caused by a Red Devil exploding back in the Plaza in Genoa. A drunken Italian soldier was showing off to his friends.

    Tommy peeked through the curtain. He could see the boy on the floor next to his stretcher, holding his wounded stomach with his right hand, with the other clutching the grenade. He quietly shut the curtain and turned to Danny for an explanation.

    “When our orderlies were carrying him, saw the grenade, they set him down and got out!”

    “How the hell did triage miss the grenade before bringing him aboard?” Tommy said with nervous anger.

    He needed to calm himself. He stood in front of the curtain, made the cross’s sign, and said a prayer. The Chaplain was standing nearby, repeated the prayer in Latin. Before he could open the curtain, Danny added a syringe in his smock pocket.

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