Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Two

Captain Sue Lee Ono, a code breaker for army intelligence is moving deeper into the world of espionage. Her language skills take her to Nazi-occupied Paris, her assignment is to find and help liberate a Jewish scientist. 
She needs to accomplish her mission before the Gestapo with the help of the Vichy French, round up all the Jewish residents in Paris, and ship them to Auschwitz to the gas chambers.
Her handler and new lover Alex Mueller from the Army Counter Intelligence Command.
One of the legendary Ritchie Boys who specialize in methods of intelligence, counterintelligence, and killing. 

Deceptions Of War

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  • Sue Lee was woken by the sounds of an airplane engine; Jesus was already standing, looking up at the sky. They were camping in a forested area on a hillside above a village. The small plane was circling above them, dropping lower in a jerky motion. The pilot seemed to have trouble controlling the craft. Sue Lee recognized the aircraft, a Tiger Moth with British markings. 
    “Jesus, it looks like he is in trouble trying to land on the mesa below.” Sue Lee said, pointing to the open field to the right of them. 
    “Si, he is coming down now.” He threw the saddle blanket on his horse. Sue Lee too quickly saddled her horse. They were sure the Moth had attracted the attention of the villagers below. Jesus told her last night, he wanted to avoid this village. The mayor was in collaboration with Franco’s fascist pigs. 
    They rode down to the clearing, watching as the pilot landed the Moth on the field in a series of jerky movements. It came to a halt just short of the trees where they were; the engine shut off, and the pilot slumped forward. 
    “He looks hurt.” Sue Lee shouted as she rode up to the plane, jumping off her horse to climb quickly up on the wing. “What happened, sir,” She asked, touching the aviator’s shoulder. The head came up, Sue Lee reached into the cockpit, gently lifting the goggles up. She found herself looking into the blue eyes of a stunning woman. 
    “I say. I do hope you are Sue Lee. I came to rescue you. You see, but I’m in a bit of difficulty. Can you fly?” She said, pressing down on her leg. Sue Lee then saw the blood-soaked leg. “I took a bullet in my bum, some Yahoo on the ground with a rifle. I’ve tightened my seat belt to add more pressure to stop the bleeding, but my leg is numbing. I can’t handle the controls. I’m afraid I’ll pass out. I do hope you can fly? I hate to lose my plane to the fascist,” she said with rasping breaths.

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