Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Four

The merger of the final clues to find the missing Kazaritachi sword is fascinating.

Inside was a sheath with shell inlays, beautifully crafted, and very old. Sue Lee and Jimmy said at the same time, "The Kazaritachi sheath?" And looked at each other. " Sue Lee spoke first. "Why are they separated, where is the sword?"

Deceptive Message

2.99$ מחיר רגיל
1.79$מחיר מבצע
  • Spain
    He dropped lower in the sky and circled inland, and cautiously approach from behind. When he came in over the treetops, he could see the Van, lying on its side. Meg was holding what looked like a large sheet of glass as a reflector. She threw it down when he passed over and started frantically waving. He banked over the ocean and tipped his wings in recognition. Alex wanted to have one more look before he landed. After he was satisfied she was alone, he gently brought the Moth down and taxied to the crashed Van. Meg was running alongside while he taxied to a stop. 
    “Anna is in the Van. They hurt her. The other bastards are dead. Get her to the hospital in Gibraltar!” She hollered as he cut the engine before climbing down from the plane. 
    “What happened here,” He said, running with her towards the Van? 
    He could see the driver crushed beneath the weight of the vehicle. Meg pulled the back door open wider. Anna was lying wrapped in a blanket on the inside wall of the tipped-over truck. Behind her was a half-naked dead body of a man shot through the head. Ripped women’s clothing was lying around the Van. He assumed they were Anna’s; an explanation was unnecessary.

Crime Scene Do Not Enter