Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Ten

An exceptional giant man with a heart to match, bringing people together to escape from the constraints of Nazi's rules to enjoy a memorable Christmas. 


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  • France, 1943
    “The train is surrounded by armed troopers, here let me button your collar or do you want to look like you were disturbed?”
    “Oui, or should I say Ja? We need to hurry, step into the convenance, lock the door, take this revolver.” He opened the book on the night stand, inside was the gun nested into the cut out pages. “I hear them in the hallway. Help the children change quickly, be ready to travel.”
    The rap on the door came soon after Mary was finished dressing the children listening while Géant answered the door with a booming voice, “Ja, what is it, can’t you see I’m resting? Why aren’t we moving? My meeting is scheduled, Was ist Los?”   
    Mary could hear a young shaky voice explain they were looking for a Jewish family. “Well, find them, schnell, schnell we must be on our way!”
    The door slammed, she could hear a “Heil Hitler,” then feet running down the corridor when she came out of the toilet.
    “We must leave. The fools will discover no SS is registered to be on board the train. They will be back.” He said, tossing the uniform onto the bed switching to his large winter coat before opening the door. “The hall is clear, come.” 
    Géant helped her down the stairs, then lifted David and Christina tucking them into the folds of the open coat holding them with his arms crossed as they ran into the early morning light. “Why don’t they have their raids later, preferably, after breakfast, I was so looking forward to our leisure time in the dining car this is uncivilized running through the woods?” 

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