Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Seven

Klondike Journal is a murder mystery taking place in two separate timelines involving two exceptional women ahead of their time. 
Marie Adele, a wayward New York socialite, finds prosperity during the Klondike gold rush after being bestowed with a treasure that brings murder into the present. 
Sue Lee is uncovering the pieces of Klondike Marie's past to find the treasure before the psychotic killer kills again.

Klondike Journal

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  • Alex reluctantly left the warm fire in the to follow the Russian he knew as Viktor Popov. “This guy has been on the move since Singapore. Now, where are we going?” Alex discreetly followed, confident of his attire and dark complexion; they would consider him another Kathmandu local. Nevertheless, he preferred the busy marketplace. 
    “Blasted snow, I can barely see him. There he is, crossing the plaza. I don’t like this. It’s too open with no one around.” Alex’s senses were on high alert, knowing he had to rely on his experience. Alex was one of the Ritchie Boys, a military intelligence officer trained at Camp Ritchie in Maryland.   
    Alex stepped out onto the plaza, staying close to the buildings, hopefully rendering the impression he was on his way home to a warm fire when the bullet smacked against the wall next to his head! He jumped over a snowbank, sliding on his left side while aiming his large mitten in the shot’s direction. He was clutching his automatic revolver inside to keep his hand from numbing in the cold air. Another shot hit the ground next to him, throwing ice in every direction. He rolled towards a doorway for cover. 
    “Damn, it’s a sniper on one of the roofs, but where?” Alex peered out from under the door overhang, but the falling snow made it almost impossible to look up. He estimated the shooter must be directly across the plaza. “Yes, there’s movement, he’s behind that parapet.” Alex removed his gun from the mitten and steadied his gloved hand, holding his Glock pistol with his left arm as he aimed at the rooftop. 
    His patients had saved him during the war, now all he had to do was wait, but this time he made a mistake. A bullet hit him low, spinning him into the doorway that knocked him forward into the snow. Saving his life when the next shot from the roof hit the door where he was standing. He tried moving but could only use his free arm to push himself along the ice surface as he randomly fired at the rooftop. He slid down a side street further into the darkness. 
    Alex listened to the clicking sound as his eyes adjusted—he was sure it was a bolt being locked into place on the sniper’s rifle. He tried sliding closer to the building to use it as a support to help him stand, but the pain was so intense he fell back, shoving a mitten in his mouth to keep from crying out. Alex knew he was going into shock. His breathing was irregular, and his pulse was racing; soon, the weakness would overtake him. He was in trouble...

Crime Scene Do Not Enter