Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Five

Lost Buddha; a postwar Sue Lee Mystery series involving seventh-century tapestries preserved by an antique dealer during the war. After his brutal death, the first Lost Buddha is discovered, and the race is on to find the other five, hiding somewhere in the world. The search uncovers war criminals hiding from prosecution, placing, Sue Lee, and Dr. Jane, in a dangerous, life-threatening situation.   

Lost Buddha

2.99$ מחיר רגיל
1.79$מחיר מבצע
  • Hawaii, 1947
    The next morning he saw her walking by the storefront; he left money on the counter for his unfinished coffee and quickly followed her. 
    The little man caught up just in time to see her enter a church. He nodded to a nun as he moved into an empty pew several rows behind his quarry. 
    His concentration was broken when the sister sat beside him, and he felt something poke into his ribs. He looked at a revolver and up at two intense green eyes staring at him. 
    A Hawaiian man sat down on his left, and another behind him placed a large hand on his shoulder. 
    The Priest walked up the aisle towards them. He stopped and said. “I suggest you do, as they say, my son!” Mr. Han then continued walking away with Sue Lee’s look-alike following. 
    Now the church was empty except for the four of them. Nothing was said. He jumped when he heard a click! The big Hawaiian next to him opened a Switchblade knife and cleaned his fingernails. 
    Her green eyes seemed to bore into him, and the large hand on his shoulder tightened. He thought his shoulder-bone was going to break. 
    He was in trouble.

Crime Scene Do Not Enter