Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Eight

Nuclear physics after years of developing the Atomic bomb hides in shame as a circus clown, but laughter turns deadly when the real anarchists stepped out from behind the masquerade.  


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  • Somewhere, Northwest, 1951
    Sue Lee could smell gasoline, apparently, they stopped for fuel. She was about to start shouting when she heard a creaking sound of the trailer door opening. 
    “Dammit, he must have a set of extra ears. He's going to use that blasted peek hole again.” She quickly tore a piece of her blouse shoving it down the hole watching it drop onto the pavement before rolling back into bed moaning to cover up her movements, hoping he would assume she was still in a drug-induced state. Sue Lee’s head was turned toward the wall but could see a small circle of light from the peek hole when he opened it. “Come in here you bastard, I will kill you.” The peek hole light went out. In a short time, they were moving again. They seem to be driving endlessly. “When did he sleep?” 
    “Dammit, at this rate, I’ll run out of clothing.” She looked again where he must have torn her blouse carrying her into the trailer. Tearing it once more, she shoved another piece of clothing through the hole hoping to leave a trail. “Maybe I should leave something more provocative, but I need my bra to choke the bastard.”

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