Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Nine

A  search in the Pacific for Dr. Jane's childhood idol Amelia Earhart, an American aviation pioneer, uncovers a hidden murder from the past now haunting to be solved.

My Friend-Amelia

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  • New Zeland, 1951
    “Oh my God, how long have we been sleeping?” Sue Lee tried to shake Jane awake. 
    She discovered that somehow Jane had managed to turn on the autopilot. After pulling her away from the controls, she felt the effects of the drug but fought it as she had during her kidnapping. Sue Lee shoved her finger down her throat, gagging, until she vomited into a towel they used as a cleaning cloth. 
    There was another thermos of water, but she was unsure of its contents. Where the hell are we? All Sue Lee could see was an ocean below through the clouds. She checked their fuel gauge—it was low. The altimeter was the same altitude; airspeed was unchanged along with the heading indicator. She checked her watch, indicating they had been in the air for two hours, without correction at this speed. They would be out to sea, but how far?
    Reaching over, she touched Jan’s neck, checking her pulse. It was slow, the same with her breathing. Her complexion looked gray. “Come around, old thing, stay with me!”

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