Sue Lee  Mystery Series, Book Eight, Nine, Ten

Sue Lee Mysteries starting with, "Merry-Go-Round." Nuclear physics after years of developing the Atomic bomb hides in shame as a circus clown, but laughter turns deadly when the real anarchists stepped out from behind the masquerade.

The next exciting story is, "My Friend Amelia." A search in the Pacific for Dr. Jane's childhood idol Amelia Earhart, an American aviation pioneer, uncovers a hidden murder from the past now haunting to be solved.

The last book "Géant Christmas," about an exceptional giant man with a heart to match, bringing people together to escape from the constraints of Nazi's rules to enjoy a memorable Christmas.  

Mysteries Box Set #3

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  • “You have been very persistent in following, so we decided to let you catch-up.” A small man dressed in a white silk suit with a matching Panama hat, said as he walked daintily into the room looking down at Fu who was bound to a gurney. “I must say, Fu, both of you look divine Buddha will be so proud.” 
    “You must be Mr. Adama Patibandla, how clever of you to round everyone up, but I don’t see Gavin?” 
    “He will be along shortly young lady not to worry. My people are in control.” 
    “Like hell, you are, you pansy, she said to herself—Gavin is up to something.” 
    “Since we can’t be of use to you like Jack Burns,” she indicated to the other gurney where Burns was bound, gagged, and drugged. “What are your plans?” 
    “Very simple my dear, you will meet your fate along with Mr. Burns as did Mahatma Gandhi where you will lay on the pyre with your head to the North as Buddha met his end, then your body will be reduced to ashes.” 
    “Cremation, what a fitting end to life—of course, your cartel will continue undisturbed, what more could you want?” 
    “Well, we do have everything, after all,” he said checking his manicure. “I’m sorry to say. I do find this conversation boring, so if you don’t mind, I need to get ready to join my family for lunch.”Adama said, reaching for the syringe on the table that he apparently used on Burns.” 
    “I do apologize for keeping you, but how do you know my name?” 
    “Money my dear, it buys everything. We have had a complete dossier ever since you entered our country.” 
    Fu was sure they didn’t know as much as they thought. CIA specialist doctored agent's information. She was also sure he didn’t know about her theatrical background working with a Hungarian Magician who taught her to manipulate her small hands-free from the ropes. 
    He turned, bending closer with the syringe in his right hand reaching over her to punch it into her jugular vein. 
    Fu quickly pulled her arms from behind her back, thrusting both thumbs into Adama’s eyes, pushing him back then driving both feet into his chest throwing him hard into the other gurney! 
    Adama fell to the floor, covering his eyes screaming just as Gavin walked in holding a gun, he swiped the barrel across Adama’s head knocking him unconscious. 
    “I do wish you would teach me that trick of undoing your bonds. You do it so seamlessly.” 
    “Thank you, Gavin, did you have breakfast. I'm starving, should we invite Viktor Popov?” 
    “No, not today, he’s sleeping in the other room. They seem to have a collection of these laying around in Patibandla’s lovely Townhome.” He kicked the syringe across the floor as Fu stood and spun Jack’s gurney around toward the door. 
    “Well, we seem to have a change in plans for the lavender boy, McCarthy, we’ll be pleased shell we depart, do we still have a car?” 
    “I thought Jack would enjoy riding in the trunk of the Rolls, such a grand way to go to prison. However, we need to return our loaner so he will be a bit cramped after we deliver him to the embassy.” 
    “What about the other two, I suppose we don’t have time to interrogate them to find the answer to what Burns’s newest secret was. Which couldn't have been that good since they made reservations for his cremation?” 
    “Yes, we should be on our way. It would be impossible to get those two out of the country or answer to any charges due to their family influence. Best we let our embassy people make discreet phone calls to a few members of the new India parliament formed last year. Here’s your gun, if you don’t mind pushing I’ll pull.” 
    “Lead on, Macduff, we humble peasants, will follow.” Fu held her gun in a ready position while pushing with her free hand.

Crime Scene Do Not Enter