A Time Of Deception

San Francisco, 1941, The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor, and a young code breaker, Lieutenant Sue Lee Ono, suddenly finds herself in the rapidly progressing timeline of the war. 
Her personal world is caught up in prejudice, deception, espionage, and murder after finding a cryptic message involving her beloved deceased uncle.

Deceptions Of War

Captain Sue Lee Ono, a code breaker for army intelligence is moving deeper into the world of espionage. Her language skills take her to Nazi occupied Paris, her assignment is to find and help liberate a Jewish scientist. 
She needs to accomplish her mission before the Gestapo with the help of the Vichy French, round up all the Jewish residents in Paris, and ship them to Auschwitz to the gas chambers.
Her handler and new lover is Alex Mueller from the Army Counter Intelligence Command.

Counter Deception

World War Two progresses into the year 1943. 
Sue Lee finds herself trapped in a deadly situation in Cuba, at a strategic airbase. 
Her right hand was covering the wound to staunch the bleeding as she watched for his next move.

Deceptive Message

The merger of the final clues to find the missing Kazaritachi sword is fascinating.
Inside was a sheath with shell inlays, beautifully crafted, and very old. Sue Lee and Jimmy said at the same time, "The Kazaritachi sheath?" And looked at each other. " Sue Lee spoke first. "Why are they separated, where is the sword?"

Mysteries Box Set #1

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  • It was getting dark as she stretched to straighten her back. She didn’t intend to stay this long, but she couldn’t leave the mess. Now she would have to drive in the dark on the winding lake roads. “Well, I’d better get started, she said out loud,” just as the door behind her opened. Naomi was frightened and spun around to face a small man. 
    “You did wonders for the place,” he said in a high squeaky voice. 
    “Whoa! You scared the bejeezus out of me! Who are you? What do you want,” she said, grabbing her broom? 
    “Easy Lady, I did a little business with Charlie and thought he was home, but apparently not.” He said as his eyes darted around the cabin. 
    “Do you always walk in without knocking,” Naomi said, still startled? 
    “We’re loose with the rules here. I have the place over there.” The man said, pointing up the bay. When he raised his arm, she could see part of a shoulder holster under his jacket. It frightened her even more; she looked closer at the little man. His clothes were fashionable and the latest style, but they did nothing for his looks. He had slick black hair, and his face looked twisted. She then realized he was the Asian man Charlie mentioned with the ugly face. He continued talking as he sneered at her. “You must be Charlie’s, Dame. I bet you know where he is.” He said, moving closer. 
    Naomi circled to his left, putting the kitchen table between them. “You better leave,” She said in a small voice. 
    “No, sister, we’re going over to my place, more private, and we can talk.” He suddenly pushed the table aside and grabbed for her! 
    Naomi screamed, poked the boom tip into his eyes, dropped it, and ran! When she flew out the porch door, he was right behind her and shoved her hard. She flew forward, stumbling to keep her balance, and slammed into the bow of a boat. He tackled her around the legs and threw her into the rowboat. She hit her head on something hard and remained very still. She could hear him cursing about his eye and the damned water in his shoes as he pushed the boat off the beach. He jumped in, but he seemed very awkward in the skiff, almost tipping it over. 
    Her head hurt like hell, but it was the leg that concerned her if she needed to run or swim? She willed herself to be calm, to create a plan. She knew the direction would bring them across the deeper water where she and Charlie fished along the drop-off. The wind was picking up. Naomi opened one eye and watched as he struggled with the oars in the wind. She suddenly had her plan.
    “It’s now or never!” She felt a rush of adrenaline as she suddenly stood kicking out at the oar in his right hand as he reached forward in his stroke. The oar jumped from the oarlock, falling into the water. He lunged for it as she bounced hard on the same side of the boat, diving into the water. The momentum threw him in. She did an underwater turn swimming to the boat, pushing it further away from him while holding onto the side keel using the boat for protection if he started shooting.  
    She could hear him frantically splashing and gasping for breath. 
    “What if he can’t swim, damn it, but he has a gun.” Naomi was a swimmer, a member of the San Francisco Dolphin Swim Club. Swimming in this cold lake water was nothing compared to the currents and frigid waters in San Francisco bay. 
    She paused and listened. The splashing stopped nothing but silence and darkness. Without lights, she wouldn’t be able to find the man again. 
    A thought from basic training kept running through her mind, kill or be killed. 
    She pushed the boat to drift on its own, turning to swim ashore. She needed to call the FBI.   

Crime Scene Do Not Enter