Sue Lee Mystery Series, Book Eleven 

In the past, a murder at Villa Adele in 1901 deceives the Monte Carlo commissioner of police causing the death of an innocent man. In 1951, new evidence is disclosed along with lost treasure fortune seekers are willing to kill for.

Vill Adele Murder

2.99$ מחיר רגיל
1.79$מחיר מבצע
  • 1951, Monte Carlo
    David moved quickly to the rear stairs, not wanting to disturb the party-goers by running up the Grand Staircase. He passed the kitchen, noticing the pretty maid standing by the window with her back to him. At the top of the stairs, he found the library door was unlocked. David knew there was a circular staircase going down to the floor below. He turned, dashing back down the stairs, running to the library where inspector Victor stood talking to the officers. 
    “Sir, the upstairs door is unlocked!” 
    Without hesitation, Victor took the key from the guard, quickly unlocking the lower library door, they could see the office door was open.
    While Victor and his men investigated David walked quickly into the crowded reception area. The only person near the grand staircase was the maid again serving a guest.  He started to go back when a sudden thought occurred to him.” There are two of them?” He turned, running back to the kitchen, grabbing the other maid’s arm that was about to open the back door—yelling out the window at an officer in the garden, “Stop that man!” 
    Inspector Victor Raoul came running into the kitchen, followed by his two officers. “We have them, Sir, your man, is holding the beekeeper, send an officer to stop the other sister from getting away.” David opened the outside kitchen door where an officer had an arm hold on the beekeeper, who suddenly jerked free, pushing when a gun went off. The imposter slumped to the ground with blood soaking the front of his beekeeper suit. The sister, Victor, held started screaming and crying.  

Crime Scene Do Not Enter