D.M. Sorlie
Sue Lee 

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“I don’t mean to intrude, but I need your help, Mrs. Cameron and Major Sue Lee Ono if you please?”
“Please sit, sir. Sue Lee had her hand inside her purse on her gun under the table, pointing at where he would sit. How do you know who we are and you are?”
“David Ingerma, my employer is the Mossad.”
“What is Mossad?”
“The chief intelligence and secret-service agency of Israel, Ellen. How can we be of interest to a foreign country here in California?”
Since I checked you both out, I will lay my cards on the table, so to speak.
In 1939, at an auction in Lucerne, Switzerland, known as the Degenerate art sale, they sold a painting to your husband, Sidney Cameron. Germans looted it from a Jewish home in Berlin. We did not know of the piece and its importance until recently, when the second wave of immigrants arrived in our country.
Professor Abram’s wife, an artist helping her husband, contrived the artwork to smuggle the heavy water experiment out of Germany.
Unfortunately, both were killed when the home was raided by the Gestapo.
The art piece contained a hidden code. It is most imperative we find it before the world rebels discover it. You see, it is a formula for a gas that would kill thousands if not millions of innocent citizens if released. You could hold an entire city hostage.